Future of Computing
Web Logging Tools
XSLT can do everything CSS can do. Can I find weblogging software that will run on my website? That will run on my laptop? Of course I can. But then I have to maintain it.
Web Site Development
WDVL: Welcome to The Web Developer's Virtual Library!
This site and other like it are not some much the future of software as essential elements in my plan use the web in my work. Web Standards Project is a site devoted to getting developers to use proper web standards.
Enterprise Portals
Transform Magazine: feature: Can-Do Portals Turn Viewers Into Doers (printable version) This is an article explaining how far portals can go. These people are talking about some serious technology here. This is not a minor application.

Enterprise Portals
Here is another site strongly supportive of Portals. This magazine is about "Reinventing Business with Content and Collaboration Technologies". It has sections covering Business Process Management, Collaboration, Content Management, Forms and E-Forms, Scan & Capture, Storage & Peripherals, and Web & Publishing. Transform Magazine Here is an article on WSRP: The Web Services Standard for Portals.
Post from my mobile phone
Powered by audblogaudblog audio post This is interesting, but I would also like for it to be transcribed to text and posted. Or I would like to be able to access it with an mp3 transcription tool so I could transcribe it my self.
Voice Logging
I am hoping that this site audioBLOGGER: Listen to this combined with IBMs new transcription service Transcription Portlet, could be combined to create a audio to text system. This is something I first started dreaming about 20 years ago.
Web News Search with RSS
Here is information about RSS, a versital tool for selective monitoring the web.
Latest RSS News (RSS Info)
Web Services Metaphor
Remember answering machines? The tape, the equipment, the dependency on electricity? Would you go back? In the future, there will be no shrink wrap boxes of software. Well, perhaps some (what will be left?) Almost everything you want to do will be leased from the giagantic monopolies as a service.
This is an excellent site for OWL, RDF, and XML technologies in general.
xFront An author, Roger Costello has done a lot of work to make OWL understandable and easy to use.
Portal Web Services
This company is worth looking at because they are anticipating the up and coming WSRP web services for remote portal standards.
WebCollage - In the News
Web Logging
I tried to post a self-refferential comment on my own log site "Future of Computing" - but it crashed blogger. Hofstadter like, eh?
Here is an important semantic web site. This one is dedicated to ontologies on the web. The potential change that may result from ubiquitous real time ontological inference is huge.
OntoWeb - index_html
This site seems to be using some kind of portal software.
Semantic Web
Contivo - Home Page is one of a few semantic web sites. I can see the day where a stage of semantic interpretation is almost allways used except in the most well-defined path ways. Even there, consider the history of applications inside the enterprise, with changes in versions, new releases, bug fixes, new requirements, even in the most controlled environments, different components change and get out of semantic synch.
Model Drive Architecture
AndroMDA - Homepage This site may become a very important site. It seems to be the first, or at least the first I know about, open-source implementation of MDA.
Software Development Process
About the SEI - Welcome This is one of the most important sites dealing with the process of developing software. It is the home of CMM, the Capability Maturity Model.

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