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Web Services Architect
Web Services Architect Here is more combination, combining my interest in enterprise architecture and in web services.
Web Services Alliance
Web Services Alliance A link to the home page of the organization that is syndicating web services.
Web Services Syndication
Computerworld Singapore - Vol. 9 Issue No. 34, 4 - 10 July 2003 - Web services syndication Now here is an exciting new item, an organization that collects and distributes web services.
Enterprise Service Buss
Enterprise Service Bus (ESB): Lasting concept or latest buzzword?
How about both? This is an interesting article about enterprise service bus. The coming new backbone of corporate applications.
Web Services
Loosely Coupled weblog - on-demand web services This is a web log about BPEL4WS, the business process management language for web services. It relates the following 3 concepts together, business process management, enterprise service bus, and BPEL web services.
Web Logging
RoadMap - Sam Ruby's Wiki This is a new effort to create an open standard for web logging.
Web Logging and the Semantic Web
Nembis (BETA) - index_html This is an example of how everything comes together. Two of my most recent interests sliced up together on the same page. Its a matter of indirect self-reference also. This is a blog page about the semantic web. I am going to do an ontology of blogging. A blog about web services and a web service providing blogging. (blogger api). It reminds me of the early days of Java. Every day would bring news of another area of computing that had been redone in java. The same is going on now with web services. We are seeing a frantic rush to redo all of computing in web services.
DocBook XSL: The Complete Guide Is a new, comprehensive guidebook for DocBook. I spent a significant amount of time learning DocBook a while ago. It was a very bad time to do it.
Aspect Oriented Programming
AOP Alliance This is the home page of a new group working in AOP. AOP is the more abstract, thus more powerful and important, version of the idea behind EJB. It is an addition to object oriented programming that adds immense value.
Academia Sinica Computing Centre's Schematron Home Page Schematron is one of several innovative XML technologies under development by a variety of individuals and organizations. In addition to the futuristic sounding name, it can be used to create certain types of rules about XML documents that are very difficult to express otherwise. Here is a quote from this article:
So here is a very small example. It is a mini-schema for Schematron.

<schema xmlns="http://www.ascc.net/xml/schematron">
<title>A Schematron Mini-Schema for Schematron</title>
<ns prefix="sch" uri="http://www.ascc.net/xml/schematron">
<rule context="sch:schema">
<assert test="sch:pattern"
>A schema contains patterns.</assert>
<assert test="sch:pattern/sch:rule[@context]"
>A pattern is composed of rules.
These rules should have context attributes.</assert>
<assert test="sch:pattern/sch:rule/sch:assert[@test] or sch:pattern/sch:rule/sch:report[@test]"
>A rule is composed of assert and report statements.
These rules should have a test attribute.</assert>

Single Sign On
Report: ID Federation Specs Ready for Financial Services Here is more evidence that Liberty and SAML is how all applications could be made SSO-ready. By adding support now, we can make applications ready to participate in communities of trust. The great thing is that we can simultaneously make our own applications available to each other through a single sign on portal.
Single Sign On
FSTC: Projects This is a report by the Financial Services Technology Consortium about Liberty and SAML. It appears to be an evaluation of the technology with a view to determining its relevance to the financial services industry.
Single Sign On
Initiatives and Work in Progress SMIC - The Securities Industry Middleware Council, Inc. Another federated identity management initiative.
Single Sign On
PingID Network, Inc. | Federated Identity Network Services This is a web site of a "member owned" organization providing federated identity services. It seems to be a ASP, application service provider.
Single Sign On
OpenSAML - an Open Source Security Assertion Language implementation This is an open source implementation of SAML for Java and C++ products.
Singe Sign On
Shibboleth Project - Internet2 Middleware This is an organization working on free open-source implementations of new federated security infrastructure products. It seems to exist in and be addressed towards academic institutions. It uses OpenSAML, an open source implementation of SAML.
Web Application Security
Debunking SAML myths and misunderstandings This is the most promising standard for exchanging security token data between applications. There is more support for it. It has reached the early implementor stage. By building in support for this standard, products can prepare in advance for running in a single-sign-on environment.
Web News Search with RSS
Syndic8.com - Welcome! Is a large site for RSS. It took a long time to load today, several minutes each time I accessed it.
Voice Logging - MP3 Transcriber Tool
MP3 Transcriber Tool Here is a tool to use to transcribe audio log posts. I need to investigate IBMs transcription portlet, but this would help until then.
Ontology Tools
OntoRoadMap Main Page Has a link named Deliverable 1.3 that contains a large detailed list of tools to use to work on ontologies.
Web Application Security
News: OASIS Wants to Classify Web Security This is a yet another xml schema language relating to web security. It is a vocabulary for communicating security threats and vulnerabilities. It will be used by detection software to send messages directly to firewalls about new security threats. Firewalls can then respond automatically. A part of the web immunity system. It references an open-source project relating to web security - The Open Web Application Security Project This follows another related anouncement about web security from Oasis: OASIS Prescribes AVDL for Web Security
Personal Logging
It would be good if I could choose not only a text based entry form but any of a number of different data entry forms. Cash expenses, contacts, etc.
I wish I could have multiple logs. I can. But I wish I could assign categories to different entries and have the one entry available to each of different log. (I actually hate the word blog). But I love the idea.
Alexa Web Search
Alexa Web Search This is an important tool for locating the best web sites. (Notice the new title to each post)
Web Development
Comprehensive CSS Guide- Introduction Here is a CSS tutorial that I like.
Web Application Security
OASIS Takes the Wraps Off SPML News about another approach to Identity management. This one is being demostrated already. The specification could be ready in August. Once companies are convinced of the safety provided by these security solutions for Web Services, we could see a huge increase in the adoption of web services.
Federated Identity Services
OBLIX Enterprise Identity Management & Secure Web Access Control Software. One of several companies specializing in Identity management. This one is said to implement the liberty standard.
Federated Identity Services
Liberty Alliance One of two major efforts to create a standard way of handling security without centralization - Federated identity.
Software Development Tools
developer.sys-con.com The online web site for a bunch of technology magazines. Can magazines continue to compete against search services and portals? Portals will replace newsletters, bulletin boards, magazines, weekly status meetings. But don't forget megatrends, the migration of all these functions to a high technology solution will also cause a compensatory movement towards high-touch connections. Even here, however, the portal may play a role if video conferencing becomes part of the portal.
Enterprise Portals
DM Review: Is the Portal Dead? This is an interesting article about the future of portals. It contains some ideas about the ROI for customers of a portal. It also defines some categories of portals.

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