Future of Computing
Semantic Web
FrontPage - ESW Wiki Here is an interactive, collaborative web site about issues of the semantic web. It uses software named Wiki, a collaboration tool from the web.
Web logging
movabletype.org is another big site about logging. Web logging is a type of content management.
Web Logging
UserLand.Com: Easy Content Management Web logging is content management. This is a leader in the content management sphere.
Data Synchronization
Pumatech: Intellisync Connects PDAs, Applications, and Servers with Enterprise PIM Sync When it comes time to create partially connected clients, using this company may be the key to getting to market quickly.
Semantic Web
www-tag@w3.org from July 2003: RE: resources and URIs This is the post I actually sent. I should have used line feeds.
Semantic Web
HashVsSlash - ESW Wiki Here is another way to contribute to the discussion about URI and Identity.
Semantic Web
www-tag@w3.org from July 2003: Re: resources and URIs As to the meaning of "identify". Lets consider a person. The uri http://kashori.com/persons#JohnBlack cannot *alone* be said to identify me. But lets turn this around. It becomes a matter of trust. If I am acting on the rest of the web, say my bank, or my contacts list, or any of the other information resources that I keep on the web, then it is critical that something - a password store, a fingerprint reader, a blood-sucking DNA analyzer, or a retinal scan is performed such that the actions requested by or on behalf of that uri are associated with an individual. The semantic meaning of the uri requires this promise by an irrefutable authority that we trust, that the agent behind, represented, identified by, dereferenced, etc. is that very individual whose fingerprints look exactly so, whose DNA has just this pattern, and so on. The authority must somehow be on the web also, and yet they are above or beside even outside the web in another sense.

In these cases we demand that that uri identify an individual. When an agent is acting "on the web" or "on the semantic web" for that matter, by making changes to it in the name of that individual, we demand that it identify him and only him.

Of course, these fingerprint images, retinal scans, DNA sequences can themselves be represented on the web. Then we can assert them about the uri:


In cognitive science, as John Sowa pointed out in his book on Conceptual Structures, the identity of individuals is only made by perceptual mechanisms, not by conceptual ones.

Future of Computing
Future of Computing I decided that my earlier failure to do a self-reference to my web log was my own fault.
RSS News Feeds
Mike's News Feeds An interesting collection of gadgets for building and displaying news feeds.
Enterprise Service Bus
All about ESB A batch of new links about ESB, Enterprise Service Bus, a new idea for enterprise architecture.
Voice Internet
All Interviews - CIO Radio - CIO - CIO Radio - CIO Another even bigger site for downloadable voice interviews with IT industry leaders.
Voice Internet
IT Conversations This is a site containing downloadable audio interviews with leaders of the IT industry about current events.
XML & Web Services
Startup Writes Language to Replace .NET, Java Products More analysis of Clear Methods Water product.
What is ConciseXML?
ConciseXML™ is a language-independent markup syntax compatible with XML 1.0, but designed to handle every type of data including non-hierarchial data, program logic, document markup, and binary data. ConciseXML is both concise and precise, eliminating two major limitations of XML and extending the use of XML.
Cluster Computing
IEEE TFCC Newsletter, Vol. 5, No. 1 An serious site for information, knowledge, and research on cluster and other high performance computing.
Enterprise Portals
Yahoo! Bolsters Portal Suite with Oracle's Help Here is another example of the business case for a portal. In this article, about Yahoo!'s purchase of portal technology from Oracle, it is state that "...studies that show that nearly 80 percent of workers are turning to the Web for information searches..." and that "...The goal of finding relevant business information has grown increasingly costly in both hours spent by employees and dollars spent by corporate information professionals..." This also indicates that Yahoo! is a vendor of enterprise portal tools that should be included in evaluation of portal vendors.
Software Architecture(s)
Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures This is an important thesis by Roy Thomas Fielding about the Architecture of the Web.
Web Services
Startup Unveils New Web-Services Language As I've said before, we are in a period of recasting all of computing into a new language. So it is only natural that a someone would create a full blown object-oriented language in XML, named "Water" and use it as the basis of a platform for web services. The claim is made that this allows for true full scale algorithmic business logic to be transferred between parties to a transaction. I cam across another article titled Distrbuted Computing Economics by Jim Grey of Microsoft Research that made the statement that "....how one structures Internet-scale distributed computing: one puts computing as close to the data as possible in order to avoid expensive network traffic." So the builder of the "water" language and "steam engine" processor say their system allows the computing to accompany the data.
Enterprise Architecture
Pipelining to connect IT infrastructure This article does a good job of describing the design of the DSI or import program for the time and expense program. If I took it one step further, and exposed each component as a web service, then it would be exactly what is described here.
Enterprise Portals
Personalization and Portals - If You Build It (Right) They Will Come An article on the value of personalization of a portal and other strategies for successful portal use.
Enterprise Portals
Research Center: Intranets and Portals Here is a list of articles about content management and a few about portals.
Enterprise Portals
So You've Built It, Now What? The Corporate Portal Dilemma An interesting article about the ever more widely deployed but empty and underused Portal. Makes the point that a "something" portal is more likely to be used than "The Portal". That is, focused portals seem to be more effective than generic portals. He also points out that they are new, and people are reluctant to try new things if they don't see how they will get a quick dose of utility.
Peer to Peer
P2P in B2B: Getting Past the "N" Word The growing use of P2P technologies.
Semantic Web Services
DAML-S / OWL-S 0.9 Draft Release More combinations of my interests. These are ontologies about web services. See my notes from several days ago.
Semantic Web Services
webservices.xml.com: The True Meaning of Service [Jul. 17, 2002] This is an interesting article about the combination of web services and the semantic web. He calls it a struggle for the future of the web.
Single Sign On
WebServices.Org - The Web Services Industry Portal - Architecture - Security/Identity - This page at this site has a great list of new articles about web application security and identity.

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