Future of Computing
Ubiquitous Computing
The UPnP™ Forum is an industry initiative designed to enable simple and robust connectivity among stand-alone devices and PCs from many different vendors. As a group, we are leading the way to an interconnected lifestyle.

Software Development
CollabNet - Development Challenges is a software product that enables widely distributed teams of software developers to work together.

Digital Identity
Voltage Security, Inc. is a company that offers a product that uses an email address as a public key in a PKI system.

Software Development
BEA Launches Developer Extensibility Program to Help ISVs Integrate with BEA WebLogic Platform 8.1. Workshop is BEAs answer to Visual Basic. BEA wants to create a new component industry around J2ee and Web services, similar to the that which grew up around VB.

Semantic Web
Adobe XMP is an application of the semantic web.

Web Services
Per Diem, Travel and Tranportation Allowance Committee is provided by the government as a ASCII text file. Why not set up a web service that gets these files and provides a real time web service feed of them to software that can use them?

Web Services
WebServices.Org - The Web Services Industry Portal - Four Ways to Know Your WSDL looks like a good tutorial on WSDL.

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