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SDForum: Silicon Valley's Emerging Technology Connection
SDForum: Silicon Valley's Emerging Technology Connection
"Leverage resources within an integrated network of the business and technology community of Silicon Valley.

SDForum is the leading Silicon Valley not-for-profit organization providing an unbiased source of information and insight to the technology community for 20 years. SDForum provides a venue for engineers, executives, researchers, technology leaders, and venture capitalists to exchange information on emerging technologies and best practices. Each month SDForum connects 1200 software professionals through more than 20 events. Our members benefit from programs focused on professional development and making the right connections, along with value added serivces. SDForum passes along to it's members business savings including free passes and discounts to industry events and discount programs for local university courses and nation-wide bookstores. "

Turning Architecture Into a Profession
SD Times: News & Top Stories: "In an effort to bring understanding to what the skill set of a software architect should entail, The Open Group last month announced it would begin a certification program that it hopes will establish a baseline for the industry."

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