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SIP Manifesto / SIP Manifesto / SIP Manifesto Intro
SIP Manifesto / SIP Manifesto / SIP Manifesto Intro: "The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a fundamental building block that service providers can use to harness the power of the Internet Protocol and transform their traditional revenue streams.
The world of networking is undergoing a sea of change: fixed and mobile networks are converging; computing and communications are becoming inseparable. The ubiquity of IP is transforming the data infrastructure into an all-encompassing communications capability that overshadows the PSTN. At the center of this evolution is SIP: it is the mechanism that unites services across platforms, thus creating a multiplicity of new possibilities.
SIP carries the banner of Internet-style innovation into the traditional world of telco voice services. With SIP, services can be created that combine elements from telephony and other web applications such as email, messaging, the Internet and video streaming. The use of open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) mean that ISPs, ASPs and even end-users can programme their own services."

SIP Forum
SIP Forum
"Welcome to SIP Forum 2005
The SIP Forum's mission is to advance the adoption of products and services based on the Session Initiation Protocol - SIP.

The Forum provides information on the benefits and capabilities of SIP, highlights successful applications and deployments, and directs activities aimed at achieving high levels of product interoperability.

The Forum promotes SIP as the technology choice for multimedia / real-time communication session control throughout the Internet, corporate networks and within next generation wireless networks."

Blackboard Academic Suite
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"Networked Learning Environments are the future of education and make it possible to connect and integrate courses with libraries, research labs, other institutions, advisors, alumni and many other elements of campus life. Blackboard is the leading provider of software and services enabling these types of expansive, fully integrated solutions in education."

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