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Internet Security Research Lab - Home
Internet Security Research Lab - Home: "The Internet Security Research Lab (ISRL) conducts research in areas related to establishing trust between strangers on the Internet. Web clients and servers frequently begin an interaction as complete strangers whenever the client is not part of the server's security domain. Identity-based security approaches fall short in such an environment. In order to readily conduct sensitive business transactions, the client and server must build trust gradually on-line according to attributes other than identity, such as citizenship, age, employment status, memberships, licenses, certifications, etc. Trust negotiation is the process of a client and a server exchanging digital credentials and policies with one another to gradually build trust. Credentials serve as digital "letters of introduction"."

AgentLink.org | European Co-ordination Action for Agent-Based Computing
AgentLink.org | European Co-ordination Action for Agent-Based Computing: "AgentLink III is the premier Co-ordination Action for Agent Based Computing, funded by the European Commission's 6th Framework Program. Launched on 1st January, 2004, it provides support for the network of European researchers and developers with a common interest in agent technology through events aimed at industry outreach, and standardisation issues, as well as providing support for academic events and providing resources through the AgentLink Portal."

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