Monday, December 20, 2004

Metadata, Business Rules & Semantics 

Metadata, Business Rules & Semantics: "Our industry has become extremely fragmented and nowhere is this more apparent than in a Business Intelligence environment. We have experts in application development, who specialize in Object-Oriented Design and Development. Then we have experts in database management, specializing in relational design, both logical and physical. In addition, we have Data Warehouse specialists, and even within data warehousing we have business intelligence application developers, ETL developers and integration specialists; we also have metadata design and development experts. Not to mention Database Administrators (DBA�s), System Administrators, and Data Administrators.
What is needed is unification. Bill Inmon published a great article several months ago about the Unified Theory of Metadata. This article goes a step further and brings together several disciplines within Information Management to accomplish goals that both government entities and corporations deem important, such as Data Quality, and describes how a unified approach can enable businesses to be more responsive to their customers and the changing landscape of business."


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