Monday, December 20, 2004

Semantic Web Services Initiative (SWSI) 

Semantic Web Services Initiative (SWSI): "The Semantic Web Services Initiative (SWSI) is an ad hoc initiative of academic and industrial researchers, many of which are involved in DARPA and EU funded research projects.

The SWSI mission is threefold:

- to create infrastructure that combines Semantic Web and Web Services technologies to enable maximal automation and dynamism in all aspects of Web service provision and use, including (but not limited to) discovery, selection, composition, negotiation, invocation, monitoring and recovery;

- to coordinate ongoing research initiatives in the Semantic Web Services area;

- to promote the results of SWSI work to academia and industry.

In order to achieve the above overall mission, a number of theoretical, methodological and empirical issues must be addressed. These include:

- creation of language and ontological infrastructure to support incorporation of machine understandable semantics into Web services;

- development of appropriate Web Services architecture and applications.

The SWSI mission will be accomplished through:

- work in the various SWSI committees;

- discussions;

- publications;

- implementations;

- coordination with standards bodies.

SWSI deliverables may include proposals to standards bodies and feedback on industry white papers."


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