Sunday, December 18, 2005

URI crisis solved! - Personal KM with Semantic Wikis: URI crisis solved!: "URI crisis solved! Finally, after some ciders and an enlightening talk from Sir Tim Berners-Lee himself at the ISWC2005, we solved the URI crisis *again*. Timbl insisted on '#' hash instead of '/' slash at the end of URIs. If we agree that web URLs denote the location of a document or anything that can be represented as a document and that the fragment identifiert (anything after the '#') is just some nice and funny thing browsers to within a particular kind of documents (in HTML pages they scroll down a bit), well then we can conclude: Everything with a '#' is a URI. Thus we can link to the page dog in Wikipedia via '' and to the concept described in that page via '' or if thats illegal we use '' with a 'c' for concept. Of course, in RDF we still have to state the relationship between the two. Ah, and we can make it even cooler: '' could refer to the concept and '' would be the location of the RDF document of the same data."


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