Thursday, January 13, 2005

Apache Modeling Portal 

Apache Modeling Portal
"This web site offers results of the Apache Modeling Project. In this Project, research assistants and students of the Hasso-Plattner-Institute (HPI) have examined, modeled and documented the Apache HTTP Server.

A small team is currently editing a document which presents all information gathered in the Project.
The document is available online as a set of HTML Pages or can be downloaded as one PDF document or a tar.gz archive.

The sources of Apache are available for online browsing in a hyperlinked version with syntax highlighting.

If you are interested in FMC, the Fundamtental Modeling Concepts, please visit the web site at "

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

XML & Web Services Magazine - Enterprise Portal Development 

XML & Web Services Magazine - Enterprise Portal Development: "The enterprise portal has moved beyond its roots in role-based content management to become a core component of software architecture-the universal interface for enterprise applications. That puts portal development plans center stage in overall enterprise technology strategy, and it raises the stakes for software suppliers to extend deployment and integration platforms with a standards-based presentation layer.

No longer is the portal seen as a user interface to be bolted on top of enterprise systems. Now it is part and parcel of the technology infrastructure, an infinitely customizable view into the real-time information, applications, and processes of the organization. Nor is it a single piece of software, but a complete environment including the architectural framework for building portals, an expansive set of portal services for specific functions, a set of development tools, and an administration console."

Java Pro - Building Enterprise Portals 

Java Pro - Building Enterprise Portals: "What is an enterprise application? What is a portal? How do I build all the configuration files that are required for enterprise applications? How do I put all the pieces together? These questions may be among the many that you are asking yourself about building enterprise portals. If so, rest assured: WebLogic has gone a long way to make this process easier and more manageable.

Let's explore a starting point for putting it all together and get you going with a working enterprise application running in the BEA WebLogic Portal 7.0 Server environment."

SAP, Microsoft tighten development tools | CNET 

SAP, Microsoft tighten development tools | CNET
"The two companies on Wednesday are expected to announce the availability of SAP's Portal Development Kit for Microsoft .Net. With it, programmers can use Microsoft's Visual Studio.Net 2003 development tools to build portal applications for SAP's NetWeaver back-end software.

Last May, the two companies tightened their technical partnership and vowed to use a development technique called Web services to integrate their respective products...."

"... With the portal builder, which will be available for free as an add-on to Visual Studio.Net 2003, SAP is seeking to tap into the large base of programmers familiar with Microsoft's software development tools to create portal applications for its NetWeaver software. NetWeaver is infrastructure software, or middleware, that is designed to make it easier to modify and integrate SAP applications with other systems."

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