Saturday, September 10, 2005

New Software 'Learns' Languages 

The Cornell Daily Sun - Profs' New Software 'Learns' Languages: "Automatic Distillation of Structure," or "ADIOS," for short can derive a language's rules of grammar, and then produce sentences of its own, simply from blocks of text in that language.
"When scanning new input, the program looks for recurring patterns or interchangeable sequences," explained Edelman, currently on sabbatical. "For example, if the following three sentences appeared in a [text] - "I saw a film today, oh boy," "He saw a film today at the reception," "She saw a film today and liked it," - the program would identify the sequence, "saw a film today," and determine whether it's a statistically significant pattern. If so, the sequence is added to the software's lexicon and can be used to create new sentences."

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