Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Stephen Grossberg 

Stephen Grossberg: "Stephen Grossberg

Wang Professor of Cognitive and Neural Systems

Professor of Mathematics, Psychology, and Biomedical Engineering

Chairman, Department of Cognitive and Neural Systems, (

Director, Center for Adaptive Systems (

Director, Center of Excellence for Learning in Education, Science, and Technology (

PhD, Mathematics, Rockefeller University"

Jeff Hawkins 

Jeff Hawkins Update (Aaron Swartz: The Weblog): "Jeff Hawkins, you may recall, is n man with the most amazing story. As a college student, after reading an issue of Scientific American, he decided that he wanted to figure out how the brain worked so he could build one. Neuroscience departments turned him down — they who too busy collecting low-level details about what the brain looked like. AI departments turned him down — they already knew how the brain worked, it was just like a computer. (They were wrong, of course.) Companies like Intel turned him down — it wouldn’t turn a profit for many years.

So Hawkins decided that if no one would give him money to do this, he’d go out and make some money of his own. He invented the Palm Pilot, the Handspring, and the Treo, and made millions. And then he turned around and used the money to start a neuroscience institute hear in Silicon Valley to do the work on brains that nobody else was doing."

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Whole Brain Atlas 

The Whole Brain Atlas is a web site with images of the brain along with software for exploring it. Created at Harvard University.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Inner Circle 

The Inner Circle: "Semantic Web, semantic integration, RDF, OWL, ontologies, SOA, MDA, etc, etc. There is a new slew of technology buzzwords, acronyms, standards and terminologies developing to describe a critical emerging technology for business.

We all need help navigating through the fundamentals, to give us enough of a frame of reference to be able to understand the application and value of semantic standards and technologies in our own context.

We have set up this page - mediated by our V-P of Technology, Jeff Pollock - to provide a one-stop shop for newcomers to the field and for those already in the know who want to keep abreast of enterprise applications of semantic web technologies. We feature some of the best resources available on the web, as well as our own thoughts."

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