Wednesday, May 10, 2006

SAP and the Language of Business 

COMMENTARY - ROLLER COASTER RIDE: "n his keynote at CeBIT, Shai Agassi of SAP discussed how industry trends are driving the next wave of product innovation during the coming decade. He commented “This next wave of innovation will be enabled not just by the technology infrastructure but by agreement on a common language of business, which will give customers the ability to change processes very rapidly to address their growing needs. SAP is working to deliver both the infrastructure and the common business semantics to enable global businesses to operate.'


What SAP is doing is using SOA to radically change the way integration is done - instead of making integration a part of every project – connecting to a host of other applications on a point to point basis they are establishing service standards so that integration is carried out using what we sometimes refer to as the Horse’s Mouth pattern – that is going to the real source or the owner of the information.


SAP like other vendors is delivering enterprise application functionality as an SOA. The core concept that Agassi mentions is common language – and this is key.


f you have been wondering what is “the next big thing” after SOA, wonder no more. It’s SOA based content – and this is when the SO market really gets interesting. For those vendors that have only had infrastructure to sell so far, they are going to find the market taking off like a rocket. In which case they are hardly likely to complain when they get pulled along for what looks like being a roller coaster ride.
David Sprott "

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