Friday, July 14, 2006

The Sun BabelFish Blog : The Sun BabelFish Blog 

The Sun BabelFish Blog : The Sun BabelFish Blog: "it is quite clear that the Aliens don't have a very good grasp of RDF as I see it. They are still amazed that RDF is not about syntax. You can write RDF in a huge number of different ways, to expressing the exact same thing. The reason this is possible is because RDF is built on the relation between names as URIs and the things they refer to. This relation is also known as Semantics. Since the names used are Universally unique (URIs), it does not matter much if your write your sentences aRb or Rab or abR or ≤R sub='a' obj='b'≥ or however you prefer. This emphasis on universally unique names is completely new. It changes things fundamentally, and yet it seems so innocuous."

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