Thursday, November 23, 2006

Indexicals and Belief Reports 

Indexicals and Belief Reports (PDF) by J N Foster
Problems with the semantics of belief reports, typified by Frege’s Puzzle, are the source of the most serious objections to the theory of Direct Reference. Kaplan’s work on indexicals hints at a reply to these objections based on his notion that belief is mediated by the characters of linguistic expressions. However his account is only successful in explaining belief reports which involve indexicals – it fails to explain a large class of puzzling reports which contain proper names. In this dissertaion, I argue that there are good reasons for supposing that names are indexicals and show that using this thesis, we can extend Kaplan’s solution to Frege’s Puzzle to many more belief reports."

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Element: URI for This Same Article Online 

Element: URI for This Same Article Online: "<self-uri>
URI for This Same Article Online

The URI (such as, for example, a URL) for an online version of a print article. This element may be used when an article is available in multiple forms, for example, both in print and in an expanded version with additional graphics available online."

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