Saturday, June 23, 2007

Thomson Adds Reuters 

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May 16, 2007: Thomson Adds Reuters in $17 Billion Bid to Be Giant. By Ian Austen. The New York Times. "In the information age, content may be king. But the real power lies in what you can do with it. That would seem to be the underlying message in the announcement Tuesday of the Thomson Corporation’s approximately $17.2 billion acquisition of the Reuters Group, the global news and financial data service. ... The merger will also make it easier for Thomson and Reuters to advance toward the ultimate service, a concept that is variously known as intelligent agent environment, algorithmic or black-box trading. Those systems would gather all the data and information used by traders, analyze it and make trades without human intervention. ... On April 30, Reuters acquired ClearForest, an artificial intelligence company based in Waltham, Mass. Its software can sniff through a vast range of corporate data and news to find factors that might affect investments."


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