Saturday, March 31, 2007

Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) 2006B 

Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) 2006B
What is User-Centric Identity?

User-centric identity starts with the individual, and his or her needs. It is about working relationships and services between individuals and retailers, employers, membership bodies, and organizations of any kind. It is not about a centralized solution, or anybody's silo. As such it solves different problems than the familiar ones of providing authentication and authorization services within a single organization, or federation between different organizations.
What is going on in the field?

* Legal and Social issues about norms and uses of identity continue to surface.
o How can I share my information and know it will not be misused?
o How can we innovate better End User License Agreements?
o How do young people, men, women and marginal groups understand and represent identity differently online?
* What about Mobile Devices and Identity?
* How do online and offline identity relate?
* How does 'official identity' and 'web constructed identities' relate?
* What is the role of annoymity and psydonmity and how are they explicitly supported in this ecology?
* Vendor Relationship Management as an product segment is emerging?
* OpenID is emerging as a protocol for SSO across the web. It has major adoptions from sites like eAOL, Digg, FaceBook, and platforms like MediaWiki, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla using it, startups are forming around this emerging field like NetMesh, Sxip, and JanRain. and reputation services are emerging like Jyte.
* Microsoft Cardspace has been released on to Vista and XP desktops
* There are several Open Source efforts to weave tools together - like Higgins, OSIS, Bandit.
* Liberty procols continue to be deoployed in enterprise and on the web.

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