SAPs MySAP Enterprise Portal
In this article about how MySAP Enterprise Portal Helps Integrate Software Packages
the authors make the point that providing pre-configured, partial solutions is necessary.
"What is role-based access to information, applications and services?

It is one thing to develop a portal technology and sell it in the market. It is quite another to provide useful content to customers, to help them do a faster and more effective deployment of the portal solution. SAP has always believed in supporting our customers’ deployment projects with pre-configured content that can help them implement their projects faster. This content may not always meet a customers’ requirement in toto, but as a minimum it provides a good place for a customer to begin his implementation.

In line with this principle, SAP provides pre-configured content along with the mySAP Enterprise Portal. We have developed templates that contain the various functionalities and services that are likely to be used for a particular job function (role), and have grouped these together under that corresponding role. So when you install mySAP Enterprise Portal, you can invoke the role of, say, a Purchase Manager, and the pre-configured template is immediately available for you to build upon. Similarly, templates are provided for numerous other job roles. "

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