Portal kit bridges SAP, .NET worlds
Portal kit bridges SAP, .NET worlds: "The wisdom of investments in portal applications has been a topic for debate as information and Web services are increasingly accessed from the Internet via new vehicles like mobile devices and rich clients.

Rich-client technology is especially challenging the relevance of Web-based portals, said ZapThink LLC co-founder Ronald Schmelzer. Portals are a Web-based means of aggregating data, whereas rich clients allow users to be more selective in choosing online services. "

Portals are middleware, infrastructure that enables applications.

Java Pro - Teaming Up Portals and Web Services
Java Pro - Teaming Up Portals and Web Services
"Portal technology enables seamless interaction with Web applications through a unified and cohesive interface that serves as a one-stop shop for all of your application functionality needs. Portals also offer a personalized and customizable experience by enabling access based on preferences, privileges, and the luxury of making changes to the look and feel of the interface, when possible. They are the focal points for users to access content, information, and applications from many different data sources.

Typically, portals aggregate content from high-performance data sources that support transactions, content, and remote Web access. They render and aggregate this information into complex pages to provide information to users in a compact and simple form. Many portals also enable interactions with common applications such as e-mail, calendar, organizer, banking, bill payment, and so on. Most of today's portal implementations involve a component-based and modular model that allows the quick and easy inclusion of components referred to as portlets—content containers that provide users the view of their customized content—into the portal infrastructure. Portlets typically run on portal servers that handle the processing of input data and then render the appropriate output."

Microsoft and SAP Portal Tools
SAP, Microsoft tighten development tools | CNET News.com
"The two companies on Wednesday are expected to announce the availability of SAP's Portal Development Kit for Microsoft .Net. With it, programmers can use Microsoft's Visual Studio.Net 2003 development tools to build portal applications for SAP's NetWeaver back-end software.

Last May, the two companies tightened their technical partnership and vowed to use a development technique called Web services to integrate their respective products...."

"... With the portal builder, which will be available for free as an add-on to Visual Studio.Net 2003, SAP is seeking to tap into the large base of programmers familiar with Microsoft's software development tools to create portal applications for its NetWeaver software. NetWeaver is infrastructure software, or middleware, that is designed to make it easier to modify and integrate SAP applications with other systems."

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