Sunday, December 18, 2005

Yahoo Web Services and JavaScript Object Notation 

O'Reilly Radar > eval( '(' YahooWebServices ')' );: "Our friend Jeff McManus over at the Yahoo! Developer Network clued us in to Y! Web Services now being available in a delicious new flavor: JSON--JavaScript Object Notation. Say bye-bye to XML parsing and the need for (very much) intermediary code when building Web 2.0 or single-page applications using Y!'s services and data. Simply fetch a wodge of JSON representing serialized results from Yahoo!'s servers, eval() (pronounced 'evaluate') to turn it back into a JavaScript object, and your application is dealing with ordinary JavaScript objects. And even if you're not writing your code in JavaScript, there's most likely a JSON parser for your programming language of choice, allowing you to skip all the XML bits and get on with your application."


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