Web Collaboration Tools
CommunityServerWiki: RidiculouslyEasyGroupForming Here is another web site using Wiki for collaboration.
Enterprise Portals
Sun Updating Portal Server with JSR 168 JSR 168 is one of two standards for portlet development reaching maturity. JSR168 is a standard for the Java platform. WSRP or Web Services for Remote Portals is a standard for web services. Both of these are important because they will allow an application developer to add support for running within a portal in advance. That is by adhering to the specifactions in the standard, an application can be used by a portal that implements the standard just as a standard stereo jack can be plugged into a stereo component.
Web Application Security
Debunking SAML myths and misunderstandings This is the most promising standard for exchanging security token data between applications. There is more support for it. It has reached the early implementor stage. By building in support for this standard, products can prepare in advance for running in a single-sign-on environment.
Federated Identity Services
Liberty Alliance One of two major efforts to create a standard way of handling security without centralization - Federated identity.
Single Sign On
WebServices.Org - The Web Services Industry Portal - Architecture - Security/Identity - This page at this site has a great list of new articles about web application security and identity.
Single Sign On
Shibboleth Project - Internet2 Middleware This is an organization working on free open-source implementations of new federated security infrastructure products. It seems to exist in and be addressed towards academic institutions. It uses OpenSAML, an open source implementation of SAML.
Building portlets from J2EE applications
The Go-ForIt quest continues, Part 5: How portlets extend Go-ForIt's Web services This is an article about the nuts and bolts of taking a working J2EE application and making it run in a portal. This is what I call portal-readiness.
Enterprise Portals
DM Review: Is the Portal Dead? This is an interesting article about the future of portals. It contains some ideas about the ROI for customers of a portal. It also defines some categories of portals.
Enterprise Portals
Transform Magazine: feature: Can-Do Portals Turn Viewers Into Doers (printable version) This is an article explaining how far portals can go. These people are talking about some serious technology here. This is not a minor application.

These are the results of my research, ideas, and discussions about the Portal initiative.

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